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Our Wine List? It all started when...


We hand selected our wine list with the best of the best and began our tasting journey here in the beautiful Santa Lucia Highlands. We then poured our way into Sonoma, the Napa Valley and even ventured as far as the vineyards in the Mediterranean. Our list is suited for every palate and is certain to please anyone looking to take a journey into a glass of even another country.



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The Mediterranean Sea is at the intersection of Asia and Europe. Traders throughout history exchanged a bounty of commodities, including spices, herbs, vegetables, meats and other delicacies. The rich flavors born in this part of the world bring people together in a way unlike any other.    

While they share many common ingredients, Mediterranean cuisine isn't the product of one group or culture, but a product of many influences, exchanges and culinary trends shared by a wide variety of peoples and cultures around the Mediterranean Sea and into Europe.

Artemis Carmel embodies romantic dining in classic European ambiance. Drawing inspiration from the entire region between Italy and France to the Mediterranean Sea. The dishes are flavorful and healthy. It's easy to find a familiar favorite or try something new and exciting.

Plus, Artemis Carmel has a boutique selection of import wines and a number of healthy vegetarian options including salads, fresh soups daily, appetizers, vegetable medleys. The Executive Chef Hector Berumen is always happy to prepare fresh vegetarian and vegan options with whatever seasonal ingredients are on hand. Artemis also buys and uses organic produce whenever possible. At Artemis Carmel fresh ingredients are mixed skillfully with passion and heart. Home-made food. Simple. Real.